Nantes 2018 : two days of seminar !

Un séminaire unique d’Ilustrisimo en France

Serge Gilette, first european student of Mang Tony Diego has been following him since june 1998 and he came back every year to live at his place and train with him. He is now organising an open seminar during two days to share his knowledge of this beautiful and unique blade system.

If you pratice a stick style of arnis (eskrima) come and discover the raw work with blades. If you come from different martial background, come taste teh specific work of angling and the versatility of blades.

Serge Gilette will show a two weapons fighting style known as espada y daga or punta y daga as tatang used to call it. Bring your machete and your rigid training knifes.

On the 7th of jully practice will start early and will finish late. Of course if you can’t stay late that’s not a problem and no one will feel offended. The exact schedules are still up to be decided, but expect to finish after 8 PM.

On the 8th of july a closed door seminar will be organised.

Serge is fluent in english and the seminar will be held both in french and in english.

The price is 45€ for the saturday training.If you want to ask question, inquire or register fell free to send us a mail (

If you come in group, such as a teacher ans several students, don’t hésitate to contact us by mail, we have a special price for you.